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Start accepting bitcoin
payments today

Reach a new audience
Gain access to $250 billion crypto market.
Get paid in Euro or Bitcoin
We take care of the conversions and pay you in euro.
Benefits of crypto commerce
Just 1% fee & no chargebacks or ID theft.
Start Accepting Bitcoin Now

Accept Bitcoin Payments Anywhere

on your website

On your website

Accept Bitcoin payments and donations from your online customers.

By email

Send invoices to vendors as quickly and easily as sending an email.
in person

In person

Accept Bitcoin on your smartphone or tablet at your retail store or restaurant.

How it works

Your customer pays your Wunderbit Commerce invoice. The invoice is tied to the euro amount you wish to receive. It is automatically updated based on the exchange rate.
Wunderbit takes in your customer’s Bitcoin payment, processes it, and converts it to EUR.
You receive the payment from Wunderbit in euro via a SEPA bank transfer.

Getting Started Is Easy

Register your business account

Our registration process is quick and simple.

Set up the flow

Create and send custom Bitcoin invoices to your clients, or integrate Wunderbit Commerce as one of the payment method on your website

Get paid in euro

Wunderbit processes the Bitcoin and pays you in euro via a SEPA bank transfer. Payouts to your bank account can be as fast as next day, depending on the agreement conditions.


Wunderbit is one of the world pioneers in licensed cryptocurrency trading. We are an accredited and regulated financial institution that allows its clients to buy and sell Bitcoin safely and securely.

Established in Estonia in 2018, Wunderbit is run by a passionate team of experts from the fields of finance, trading, anti-money-laundering, and software development.

You can acquaint yourself with our certificates, licenses, and accreditations here.

Often called ‘the future of money’, Bitcoin is the world’s most popular and widely-recognized digital currency. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or central bank. Instead, Bitcoin runs on a decentralized, peer-to-peer system secured through advanced cryptography. 

While traditional currencies are inflationary and are designed to depreciate in value over time, Bitcoin is a deflationary currency with an eventual supply limit of 21,000,000 coins. This lack of designed inflation makes Bitcoin a good option for storing wealth.

Wunderbit Commerce is crypto payment service provider that allow merchants to accept Bitcoin payment. As a merchant you can choose if you would like to settle payments in Euro or in Bitcoin.

There are a number of benefits. First, reaching a new audience has never been easier before. By starting to accept Bitcoin payments you gain access to $250 billion crypto market. Second, unlike traditional payment processing you don't have any chargebacks or rolling reserve.

At Wunderbit Commerce we allow merchant to choose one of several methods to accept Bitcoin. Merchants can:

  1. Issue invoice and send it by email: send invoices to your customers as quickly and easily as sending an email.

  2. In person: accept Bitcoin payments on your smartphone or tablet.

  3. On your website through integration: automated way to accept Bitcoin payments instantly from your customers online.

Getting verified on Wunderbit Commerce is an easy-to-understand, frustration-free process. All you have to do is to Sign up, fill the form and submit the required documentation.

Once you are verified, you will be able to issue Bitcoin payments. Note, only registered businesses are allowed to become merchants at Wunderbit Commerce.

As of now, Wunderbit deals exclusively with Bitcoin (BTC), which is the largest and most widely-used cryptocurrency in the world.

Yes, Wunderbit Commerce does provide euro settlements. Moreover, every single transaction that goes through Wunderbit Commerce is settled instantly. This means that you will always get paid the euro amount you expect, regardless of exchange rate fluctuations!

Wunderbit Commerce allows you accept Bitcoin payments from clients in every country and region of the world. This means that your will be able to do business with clients from over 200 countries and regions!

To receive payments in euro via bank transfer, you will need a SEPA account in the EU.

As of right now, only companies can use Wunderbit Commerce to accept bitcoin payments.


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